Documents and Layers

Learn how to manage layers and how you can use documents to organize them

Getting Started

The basics you need to know to start using Illustra


Learn how you can move, rotate, reflect, and align layers

Text Layers

Learn how to add text to your document and style it

Shape Layers

Learn how to add shapes to your document and style them

Advanced Topics

Clipping Masks

Learn how to create and use clipping masks with examples of what they can be used for

Blend Modes

Learn about mixing colors with blend modes


Best Practices

Get familiar with Illustra's best practices and code styling


Learn how you can contribute to Illustra's development

Internal Libraries

Learn about the libraries Illustra uses internally

Exporting Modules

Learn how Illustra handles exporting modules

Async with Constructors

Learn how Illustra handles the need for asynchronous constructors

Testing and Docs

Learn how we write tests and generate documentation